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Our Featured Product

Body Scrub

ST. Ives Fresh Skin Scrub

The beauty editor favorite. Deep cleaning apricot scrub with 100% natural walnut shell powder works to give you soft, smooth, positively glowing skin.
5.000 JD

Health essentials

Face Mask

3 Ply Disposable Face Mask (50 pcs)- (Almarsa- made in Jordan)

Locally manufactured high quality disposable face masks.
2.750 JD 3.000 JD

Lights & LEDs

Mobile & Tablet Accessories

Power Tools


Finishing Sander

30.000 JD

115 MM Angle Grinder

27.000 JD

12 V Cordless Drill

32.000 JD

13mm Key Chuck

6.500 JD

Drill Bits - 15 pcs Flat Drill Set

7.000 JD

INGCO Toolset Household 101PC

52.000 JD


23.000 JD

Hand Drill

12.000 JD

Jig Saw 400W

22.500 JD

400 W Electric Blower

21.000 JD

230 MM Angle Grinder

53.000 JD

13 MM Impact Drill

26.000 JD

Stylish Sunglass Chain - Multiple colors

5.000 JD 6.000 JD

Evil Eye hair pins

1.500 JD

Handmade polymer clay Monster Energy drink logo earrings

3.500 JD

Handmade polymer clay devil horns

3.500 JD

Handmade polymer clay egg earrings

2.500 JD

Handmade cotton candy earrings

2.500 JD

Handmade polymer clay marshmallow earrings

3.000 JD

Handmade polymer clay 4in1 yin yang earrings

4.000 JD