4 Quotes in "Wonder" That You Should Stop At

على November 20, 2020

4 Quotes in "Wonder" That You Should Stop At!

How often do you spend reading quotes and enjoying those few words that have the power to change big things? "Wonder" didn't fail to present a masterpiece in emotions and real, honest growth of characters. Nope! It blessed us with so much wisdom, but for today I chose the top 4 quotes that got my heart moving while reading them, so without further due let's check them out!

1. "We can't change the way we look, but we can change the way we see things"

Such a simple one but it pierces your heart so deep inside. A lesson that we all have to take in life, and a one that we seldom notice at the right time. We're often so caught up trying so hard to fit in places that don't fit for us. And we often look for a change in our looks, when all that we need to change is in fact is our mind, and the way we perceive things and people around us.

2. "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle"

We're usually so caught up in misery that we fail to realize one important fact; that is, you're not the only one struggling in this world. The struggle is different for each and every person, and what could be a big deal for someone for others it may not. This doesn't erase the fact that a struggle is a struggle as long as the person-not you or your opinion- think of it that way. The world is already a harsh reality to live in so we might as well try and learn how to hug instead of pushing, listen instead of judging, and heal instead causing scars.

3. " If you want to see what people are, look"

The truth is always there we just refuse to put the glasses on to see it. Looking inside someone's heart instead of seeing what they are on the outside is never the guide to understanding people. We're quick to judge and slow to listen, so maybe if we bother ourselves and take a deeper look in what the person in front of you is like, maybe then you'll start to learn that people come with different versions despite being all humans and you know what, that's okay!

4. " If you don't like where you are, just picture where you want to be"

Dreams are not always bad and truth to be said we sometimes need a little push to keep us going. And in this case, the push is your power of imagining what could happen or what you want to happen. It's okay to escape reality sometimes to ease your overwhelmed mind, and who knows what you picture might one day become true. In other words, if you're willing for a change, dare to dream big first.

This was all, and to be honest, if I could quote the whole movie I wouldn't mind doing that at all. Such a great recommendation to enjoy with your family and kids, to teach them some valuable lessons in life before messed up opinions take over their head. You can watch the movie on Netflix, just make sure to explore an explosion of your emotions.


Written by- Dana Asnan



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