Is Emily in Paris Worth the Hype?

على November 20, 2020

Is Emily in Paris Worth the Hype?

The pandemic has taken too much time of our lives, and to be honest at this point coming up with activities to fill this time with joyful stuff is becoming harder and...well harder. But Netflix a day keeps those worries away! As so many people decided to binge watch Netflix to kill some time, and one show that seems to be taking the interest of many is, "Emily in Paris".

So the question is, does this show really deserve all the attention it's been given so far? My answer is yes and no, first let's start with the reasons that make me think it deserves so.

1. Beautiful Sceneries

Paris has been the dream of so many people from all around the world, that's a fact that no one could deny. And to be able to witness the walls and streets of this beautiful city even if it's only behind the screens, is something that we in a lock-down wouldn't mind, really! Who would give up the chance to see the gorgeous life of Paris and enjoy the lovely accent? Not so many, believe me!

2. The Fashion Element 

It's 2020 and girls' interest in fashion is getting even bigger. With quarantine hitting us all over, again! Females' interest in shopping is increasing and I could only imagine how much more they will get motivated after watching Emily's not so familiar taste in fashion. From her colorful outfits to her classy and funky clothes, Emily sure made it so she never misses out on any style!

3. French Accent 

You know how people often fall for the charm of the British just for the accent? Well it's something like that, call it the French charm or the French fever, people are sure having it, loving it, and more than joyful to see charming actors with charming accents.

So, what's the no for? 

1. Cliché

Despite being a sucker for cliché love stories and romances, I have to admit Emily's love triangles with almost every guy she meets were somewhat over the top. Like we get she is the cool American kid in town but maybe they made her way too much cooler than she deserves to be. Especially for someone who doesn't even speak the language.

French people are known to be stubborn when it comes to speaking different languages, let alone the fact that everyone she meets seems to be more than open to chat in English as if it's a given in the French culture! 

2. Somewhat contradictory

While working on the perfume ad, Emily makes sure she presses her opinions when it comes to sexism and objectifying women; as the model is asked to show more skin than what Emily, at least, had in mind. So far great! But the same girl who showed resentment towards such thing, was more than glad whenever men approached her. Yeah she made sure to show some rejection, but ultimately it all went down the same way, going out with them even if it's for one night.

Which if you ask me is interesting for the girl who made sure her colleagues at work won't mix work with private life, when she obviously did. The age rating for the series is 15+, and to be honest I can't imagine this show with its explicit scenes being streamed for barely old enough teens.

Overall, I wouldn't say the show is bad! It's good, enjoyable, and definitely a mood lifter for your gloomy days at home. However, I'd definitely not recommend it for someone who is not into mature, rated content since it's heavy with that. Also, considering that this Netflix original is getting a second season I'm honestly expecting more plot work to be there than random romances and affairs. I mean I'd love to actually know more about Paris than just relationships and breakups!

The show is only 10 episodes so it wouldn't take that much of your time to watch it and be the judge. And of course you could check it out on Netflix.   

Written by- Dana Asnan

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