COVID-19's Impact on Online Shopping

on November 14, 2020
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Ever since COVID-19's breakout, the world accelerated the shift to a more digital life which included drastic changes in shopping behaviors. 

The world has been pushed back into defense and people are limiting all sorts of contact in order to protect themselves from falling victim to the dreaded virus. 
More people now rely on the Internet, in the comfort of their own homes, for all the things they need to do, such as banking, education, shopping, entertainment and even work.

Online shopping was already on the rise before the coronavirus pandemic began, but after the implementation of confinement and strict limited contact orders around the world, there was a significant increase in people ordering essential and non-essential items online. Although people prioritized necessary items during this period, they also bought unnecessary items, such as games and toys, to entertain themselves.

Companies that have e-commerce placed in their business strategies benefited from this change as this sector soared up in the middle of the pandemic due to consumers switching to online shopping rather than traditional shopping.

As these businesses work hard to improve consumers' e-commerce experience, whether by improving their websites to make them more user-friendly, or by facilitating delivery methods and improving delivery times, or by reading reviews and feedback about their products, it is hard to determine if those same consumers will keep buying online instead of returning to traditional shopping after the pandemic has ended. 

COVID-19 is still a challenge for business owners and consumers, making the companies who utilize digital platforms the most successful among others and for digital consumers to benefit the most throughout this pandemic.


Authored by Luna Hasan