How to Deal With Stress Better?

on December 04, 2020

How to Deal With Stress Better?

Dealing with hardships can never be easy, and frankly speaking, life is not getting easier nor helping us be more relaxed either. With the fact that almost everyone is stressed out or on the verge of breaking down, we must find someways to help us deal better with these circumstances. Below we list some of the things that could help you rest a bit more.


Sports include any sort of physical activity one can do starting from high intense exercises to low impact ones. The variation of the exercises one could do is really big, that it leaves no excuse for anyone to not be able to do it. 

Even those with certain health conditions can find exercises that are costumed to  fit their abilities. Sports like walking in specific help with the release of certain happiness-related hormones, which is why doctors usually recommend that people go on a walk even if it's between 15-30 minutes for its great effect on the mental side.

2. Shopping

While this isn't usually common for men, we recommend it for both gender equally. Shopping help with lifting up the mood especially when if it's done with someone, as shopping alone could for some get boring.

Shopping doesn't include clothes only, some enjoy shopping for home appliances, grocery, make-up, food, and so much more. Just make sure you find what works best for you and enjoy it.

3.Talking With Someone

Talking to someone you trust is one of the best therapies we recommend out there. It includes talking to a professional, if you can afford one, or talking with a friend or a family member who is willing to hear you out without prior judgments.

4. Creative Exercises 

We seldom focus on the creative or artistic side of us, though it's one of the best ways to balance the flow of energy that we have bottled up inside of us. And it's much easier than you think, things like painting, drawing, playing with make-up, writing, reading, dancing, ...etc. All of these activities help the creative part of your brain to function and motivates you to get things accomplished, therefore, be satisfied more with yourself.

5. Other Options 

Other options include breathing exercises following specific techniques that help calm down your busy mind. You could also seek a therapy plan with a psychiatrist if you're able to afford one, because there is no shame in asking for a professional's help if you are not able to manage things on your own.

Stress sometimes could be a symptom for something else, or could be the cause for many other health issues, that we are often unaware of due to our lack of knowledge regarding mental health. 

The food you eat also determines how good or bad your mood is going to be. So make sure to put a good diet plan on your list as it plays a major part in the whole process. 

At last, we can never be happy or relaxed all the time. There will be times when you'll do all of that and still feel pressured, but the difference is that you'll learn how to make that last for a shorter period of time, rather than for a while. 

Written by- Dana Asnan