Korean Dramas vs American Shows: Which Is Better?

on November 25, 2020

Korean Drama vs American Shows: Which Is Better?

We all grew up watching American TV shows and movies, and it's fair to say that we got accustomed to them. From legendary movies like "Home Alone" to epic TV shows like "Friends". But this was no longer the case since the birth of the Korean wave. Korean dramas started taking over the internet and not long after, even  national TV channels started airing Korean dramas, perhaps, to get higher ratings, and more viewers to watch the channel.

Which if you ask me is not a bade decision at all! After all, if this is what the audience is in interested in then they might as well do it instead of airing old TV shows that no one will turn their head to. But the question is, what's so special about Korean dramas to make them surpass American TV shows lately, and take over the internet from all around the world?

Below we list some of the things that we think could be the cause.

1. Lively Atmosphere

One thing about K-drama is that it never fails to be lively. And no matter how depressed you are, it's always a mood lifter to brighten your day. Although the plot sometimes is partly predictable, viewers still enjoy the honest reactions and the beautiful scenes of the drama. Something that some countries miss or don't have in the first place, all the more reason why some viewers can't get enough of watching them; because they'll never get to see something like this in their real life.

2. Great Visuals 

What no one can deny is the Korean obsession of beauty, so much, that almost no face seen on TV is natural anymore. Unlike American TV shows that usually give us images of people who look like us. This thing is good for the viewers because people never say no to eye candies, and even if it seems unrealistic they don't mind, why? Because they are trying to escape their ugly lives and so they don't mind watching something that is so far from happening, and perhaps sink in some fantasies that their mind loves to mold.


3. Family-Friendly

The thing about Korean dramas is that you almost never have to worry about watching 18+ rated scenes, something that is commonly seen in American TV shows.This makes it a better choice that overtakes the lead as it could be watched on TV with family, and friends without having to worry about some bad scenes popping up. The biggest scene you could watch is a kiss scene, which to be honest is nothing nowadays compared with what we have to tolerate while watching American TV shows.

4. Happy Endings

Korean dramas are mostly happy endings and are lighter to watch than American TV shows, as they focus on genres like romance, drama, comedy, and slice of life. Though that's not all but it is the most common plot. And such stories take the interest of most girls, so this makes them a better choice to watch than American TV shows.  That and  the fact that the good mostly wins over the evil, so I guess that's a yay!

5. Korean Fashion Is a Killer!

Korean fashion and make-up style has taken over the beauty trends lately. The reason could be attributed to the super natural yet pretty look actors and actresses are presented with. Although after digging a bit deeper we know the make-up is not really that light, however they never fail to make it look this way. This makes the faces more approachable and acceptable for the audience. As too much skin, or too much make-up could be over the top for many who are watching, which ultimately could push them to stop watching the show. 

That was all, though there are so many reasons to list we'll stop with those 4. At the end of the day you get to choose your cup of tea, so you choose whatever works best for you! Sinking more in life, or escaping it.

Written by- Dana Asnan