Things to Bid Farewell to After COVID 19

on December 04, 2020

Things to Bid Farewell to After COVID-19

Times are changing and with 2020 almost coming to an end, we sure have seen a lot so far. The conditions humanity has witnessed were so tough and almost hard to bear, but so far we have managed to get by, at least for now! Anyway, the point is that the norms we live by are no longer the same, and so much development in life coping mechanisms is happening. In today's article we list some of these changes, so stick around to learn more.


1. Socializing

Our social life was the thing most affected out of all, things took a step to the back for the majority of those who decided to follow the quarantine protocols. With the fear of catching the virus or spreading it around while being unaware of that; many have decide to cut down on hangouts with friends and even relatives. Instead they decide to stick with getting only the basic needs. 

This almost closes the door a custom of living, that is fake socializing. How many of us visit their relatives or hangout with friends even when they can't do  that just so they won't be misunderstood? Trust me a lot! But with the pandemic happening so many people have taken the courage to draw the line and learn when and how to say no when needed. Which to be honest is something that should have been done long time ago, but better late than never!


2. Physical Affection

With social distancing things like hand-shakes, hugs, and all sorts of physical intimacy have gone down as people are more wary of whom to touch. This changed the culture of touching anything and anyone without thinking twice, which could be both good and bad. For those who are used to so much touching it could be the chance to do less of that, but for people with OCD this could trigger their symptoms causing their condition to get worse. So while we might say good bye for easy touches, we might be as well welcoming more people freaking out of going out and engaging with the world outside the limits of their home.


3. Office-based Jobs  

Everything has gone online, literally! And so many companies have realized that working from home could actually cut costs and be more productive, as things like night and morning shifts are no longer a problem for employees because it's done from home. This however puts more pressure on those who are seeking freelance opportunities since companies are preferring those with pre-experience over those who are yet to learn, perhaps because remote training is harder.

This puts more pressure on job seekers to learn more skills in order to get a chance. So this led so many to start their own business instead of working for others. And this leads us to say that we might be expecting more remote jobs, more flexibility regarding working hours for those living in further places, and more people going solo with their work plans.

Despite the risks of this disease we are still hoping that the step of the world going digital is something that will make our life easier not the opposite. Because sadly enough, some countries are not prepared at all for this current change and have already fallen behind the modern wave, which led to the loss of jobs for many. And if things keep going the way they are, great disasters will be ahead of us on the long run. But let's cross fingers and wish for a miracle in 2021 that will make us forget about this hellish year.


Written by- Dana Asnan