Multi-Purpose Torch

    Multi-Purpose Torch

    5.000 JD
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    Multi-Purpose Torch Used For :

    1. cake surface spray fire/ bake processing. Defros and scorch in the kitchen

    2. Cheese cake/mousse cake patterns, widely used for heating food in the family.

    3. Barbecue

    4. The wild boil water/cook/hot pot. etc.

    5. Field make fire

    6. Deal with pig's knuckles, pig head for clean.

    7. Iron pipe/ copper tube/ plastic pipe bend pipe.etc.

    8. The metal surface cleaning

    9. Cement/terrazzo surface treatment for natural sone material surface

    10. Welding

    11. Cutting

    12. Bamboo crafts processing production

    13. Pipeline thaw.

    14. The engine before starting the rapid heating in winter

    15. Building waterproof construction

    16. Drying, heat

    17.Shrink or soften the material

    18.Process modeling and small jewelries

    19. Local welding repair jewelries

    20.Ignite charcoal fr cookout

    21.Defrost and scorch in the kitchen